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How to Select Your Wedding venue

Every couple wants their wedding day to be as magical as they envision, it is therefore important to find the perfect wedding venue that will impact the success of this special day. The following is a guide for choosing the perfect wedding venue.

Before booking a wedding venue, make sure you have a budget of how much you want to spend on your wedding venue. Break down your overall budget and select venues that fit within your range or else you will break the bank. Begin by determining how much you are able to afford per head and stick to that when choosing your venue. Also, know what is included in the price so you can see whether renting your own things is a good idea.

Think about the style and theme of your wedding and pick a venue that reflects what you want as a couple. Choosing a venue that goes well with your vision and enhances your theme will enable you wedding to be more connected to the space. You may want to look at restaurant spaces, warehouses, and art galleries if you envision to have a modern wedding. On the other hand, if you are planning an outdoors wedding, look at parks, marquee, backyards and ranches. However, you need to have a backup plan in case the weather is unfavourable for instance raining.

Find out the number of guests that will be attending so you can find the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony. The place should not be too small nor too large but the right size to accommodate your expected guests. Therefore, have the conversation in advance with your partner and go through the guest list to know how many guests you will be expecting.

Availability of the venue on your wedding day is another key factor to keep in mind. Check the availability of the venue beforehand to avoid situations where it is booked for another event on the same date. For popular venues or during the peak season, it is wise to book in advance because competition will be high and the prices may be expensive.

Review the location of the wedding venue you are considering before finalizing your decisions. The right venue should be easily accessible especially for guests who are not local. You also want to ensure the proximity of the wedding site and the reception to make things easy for the guests.

See if the location has adequate parking space to accommodate guests who will come with their own cars. If cannot accommodate all the cars ensure that there is a parking lot nearby.

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